Hotel Laundry Bag
Wholesale Only

The Eco-Friendly Rojeti Hotel Laundry Bag is an excellent replacement or alternative to the disposable plastic laundry bag. We have replaced the sack-like, drawstring bag with a stylish, reusable laundry ‘garment’ bag.

Stop allowing your guests to throw your logo in the trash with a disposable laundry bag.
Instead, show your guests that you appreciate their patronage and that you care about the environment by providing them with a souvenir that they will continue to use on their travels.

Rojeti Hotel Laundry Bag – identical to the Rojeti Travel Laundry Bag with the addition of a pocket to hold the laundry service slips for your in-house laundry service.

So simple to use, just: Hang it in the closet with the laundry cleaning slip in the pocket. For you in-house laundry service, the guest would place their clothing in the bag, zip it close, complete the laundry slip, place it in the pocket and send it out for service. The clothes would be removed from the bag. The clothes and the bag would be laundered and return to the room for the next use.

Standard Bag: White with Taupe Trim
Custom Bag with or without Embroidery: Bag and trim colors can be customized to match or coordinate with your corporate colors and embroidered with your logo, company name, or special message.

Made of water resistant nylon fabric with a 18” zippered opening that allows for easy filling and provides a secure closure.

Size: 18”x20”    

For custom color bags, trims, and/or embroidery choices, contact Sales at 315.371.0082 or email:

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How the bag is used:

- Some hotels have replaced the plastic bag with a customized Rojeti bag and allow their guests to take it with them (advertising their ‘green’ program)
- Some hotels have added the bag to their Amenity Program, making them available as an in-room purchase (this is a popular and profitable program)
- Some hotels are using them in their 'gifting' program - as gifts to key customers upon check-in, for the holidays, or to accompany gift certificates